My Silent Cry 
Can anybody hear me? 
Of course you can’t 
I don’t cry out loud 
It’s my silent cry 
you cannot hear 
Brought on by functional depression 
Others suffer in silence too 
We can call it by different names 
I first called mine just feeling blue 
Some friends know about it 
they are very few 
Most that come in contact with me 
would not have a single clue 
I can do all the things 
that are essential for me  
Eat, work and shop for groceries 
but no other activities 
The things that soothe me sometimes fade 
so bad at times, I can’t even sing 
I retreat from public appearance 
To know me publicly  
meet me on the dance floor 
Feeling the music, I am free 
I’ve come to realize the way some see me 
the assumption they make 
are fine with me 
They can’t hear me 
when I’m hurting inside 
They only know I fade from existent 
no comprehension of the reason why 
So sometimes I wish I learned how to cry out loud 
tears streaming down my face 
while I’m in my lonely space 
would someone be present and able  
knowing a hug and their presence  
will make it all a little better 
Is there anyone who truly understands 
to support me when I’m weak 
I don’t cry out loud 
I want you to know 
there are other souls around you 
that hurt very deeply  
weeping and feeling lost and alone 
We can only be seen 
By those who can bear witness 
to our silence screams 
Kenneth E Hill Sr  
(c) April 28, 2020 

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