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Roles and Responsibilities

Action Learning Teams

Advance Directives

The Advance Directives group works with residents at homeless shelters to create advance directives (identifying plans if a person cannot make their own decisions) and educate clinicians around the directives. Click below for the 30-day planning calendar.


Ann Mangiameli, Project Lead

Sarah Schram, Regional Health Council Lead; Sarpy/Cass Health Dept

Planning Calendars:

Neighborhood Dinners

Neighborhood dinners bring community members together with mental health professionals to have open and honest conversations about mental health and stigma. Click on a meeting below to view the 30-day planning calendar from each meeting.


Claudia Granillo, Project Lead; The Wellbeing Partners

Sheena Helgenberger, Regional Health Council Contact; The Wellbeing Partners

Planning Calendars:

January 16, 2020

December 2, 2019

Creative Expressions

Creative expressions/open-mic events is a space for adults and youth alike to use creative expression to destigmatize mental illness. Click on a meeting below to review the 45-day planning calendar.


Antonio Igbokidi, Project Lead; Pottawattamie County Health Dept

Maria Sieck, Regional Health Council Contact; Pottawattamie County Health Dept

Planning Calendars: