Light of Wellness Award Nomination

The William M. Kizer Light of Wellness Awards honor William M. Kizer, 1925-2017. Mr. Kizer pioneered the worksite wellness movement. He is Chairman Emeritus of Central States Indemnity and founded the Wellness Council of the Mildlands, now The Wellbeing Partners, in 1982. Thirty-seven years later, the mission continues reaching thousands of employees across the Midwest. The Light of Wellness Award was named in his honor in 2001.

Award Categories:

Wellness Leadership
Recognizes business and community leaders for providing encouragement, time, and resources to create a healthy workplace for all employees. Recipients are role models for strategically moving the wellness program to a top business priority. This award is specifically designated for senior level executives.

Wellness Inspiration
Celebrates employees who have been steadfast supporters and active participants in their company’s wellness program. They inspire and serve as role models for others.

Wellness Transformation
Recognizes employees who now lead healthier lifestyles and have made a significant wellness transformation in any dimension of wellness as a result of participating in their company’s wellness program.

Honorees and nominators are notified following the nomination period. Organizations are charged a $395 fee for nominations selected to receive an award. This is to cover the costs of award benefits to the individual. Light of Wellness Awards honorees receive free attendance to the Ignite Awards Gala for themselves and one guest, and will have a featured spotlight in the awards video which will be presented at the Gala and sent to the honoree/organization by request.