The Torchbearer Awards Application

Open to both members and non-members, we want to hear it all! Let us know how your organization has been innovative in a way that impacts employee health and wellbeing company-wide. This innovation can come from any department in the company and should have been implemented in the last three years. Let us know what’s going on in your organization!

The Torchbearer Awards are presented in three compounding categories:

The Torchbearer Spark Award is presented to organizations that meet the award criteria and can be described as starting to innovate or address a problem. Spark winners are moving towards important work and working on cultural transformation.

The Torchbearer Flare Award is presented to organizations whose work marks them as future leaders among regional employers, and whose work is currently starting to burn intensely.

The Torchbearer Blaze Award is presented to organizations who are leading the way in cultural wellbeing and innovation.

The application process is asks for a brief overview and provides the opportunity for supporting documents. There are only three questions because want a quick overview before we chat with you about it in a follow-up conversation:

  • – Describe your organization’s innovative wellness practice(s) and/or influence(s) from any part of the organization.
  • – Explain how this innovation impacts a company culture centered around wellness.
  • – Briefly describe any future implication or enhancement of this innovation.

The winning organizations will be announced live at the Ignite Awards Gala. No fee to apply.